The Monos Are Here Now

We have moved once again. Lots of things remain to be sorted out. For now, here are some sites you might find of interest.

  • Lake Atitlan is an amazing place with an amazing number of web sites. And, amazingly, they are all completely out of date and/or selling something specific. So, we have created a site where anyone can sell something (free classified ads) and information is updated regularly. If you life there or are just interested in the area, check it out.
  • Now retired but there is a mailing list.
  • In transition
  • Phil's (fylz) personal blog. Thinking/mumbling/... Needs a big update
  • Personal site with photos of my daughter..
  • is a new site with forums. It is subtitled "Finding Answers". It will evolve based on the questions that get answered.
  • is a commercial site for, primarily, our Bed and Breakfast in San Antonio Palopó Guatemala on Lake Atitlan.

Other Work

Besides our on-line work, we do systems integration and consulting. All projects bigger than a micro-controller use the Linux operating system.

We have both hardware and software experience. We are capable of performing the whole project -- from Requirements Statement to user training on a completed system.