With the move to new hosting in process, this page is being created as something stable for NL answers. Consider it temporary -- this information is either temporary itself or belongs on the NL site.


Q: What has been the real issue behind the unreliable site, lack of an upgrade, ...

A: We got tossed off our old hosting with no warning because of excessive resource usage. The quick fix was to move the site to a place where I already had an account. While I knew we would be a resource hog there the idea was to move and then quickly find a real home. There are two separate issues here:

  • Excess resource usage is handled automatically by cutting off database access for a period of time. This results in site downtime and occasional database corruption. (Missing private messages was the most common symptom plus the disappearance of the photo galleries.) It also meant that attempts to repair things such as a database table fix could trigger another cutoff of service.
  • So, why didn't I get us a new home quickly? It's a long story but the biggest issue has been dealing with IP addresses, mailing addresses and credit cards in three different countries. In addition, one solution which I set up back in April turned out to be unreliable.

The hosting company (DreamHost) where we have moved is big, well-established and well-respected. We now have a dedicated server and no bandwidth restrictions. While it costs a lot more than the shared hosting alternatives and is overkill for today's NicaLiving, it will give us room to grow.

Q: The world is coming to an end, or some such, NL is down. Is there another way to contact you?

A: Let me preface this with "I hate telephones and tend to ignore them". That said, calling 1-780-800-5050 ( a Canadian number) or the SIP number might get you in contact with me (or Ana or Margarita). I say might because we need to be here or somewhere with an Internet connection and the SIP phone. If I "should be" here and you get no answer, it's a good indication that my Internet connection is down.

Q: What about a NicaLiving equivalent for other countries?

A: Stay tuned. We have been talking about this for some time. After a couple of false starts, it appears we have the right tool. The good news is that it is using the same tool (ocPortal) while will eventually be used with NicaLiving. Thus, it's a good chance to learn from scratch before moving the actuall NL site. (If you are interested in helping on this project, email me at mono1 at monosmedia dot com.