NL Issues

Current Issues

11 Aug 2012@0804CST -- and are currently returning "500 errors". The problem is not on the dedicated server but something else going on on the Dreamhost network. (This site is on the same server but does not use the external database server.) I am investigating.

11 Aug 2012@0847 -- We are back up but with no explanation yet. Waiting to hear back from Dreamhost.

11 Aug 2012@0950 -- Down again. Still waiting to hear back from Dreamhost.

11 Aug 2012@1740 -- Dreamhost response:

My sincere apologies for the intermittent issues you experienced earlier today with your shared mysql server 'violin'. The cause of the issue was that the load on your shared mysql server spiked and caused the server to remain unresponsive. Even after a reboot, the load continue to remain high. Our system administration team was able to determine the cause of the spike, however as a precaution we are offloading a few databases from this server to help with the overall stability/performance of the server. These moves are currently running and if your databases are moved, you will be notified via email. If you do not receive any automated message regarding a server move from Dreamhost, your databases were not moved to another mysql server. The shared mysql server 'violin' is working now without any issues and we will continue to monitor the server to make sure there are no further issues with the load spiking. Should you have any issues accessing your databases or if your sites
  are showing a database error, please contact our support team and we will be glad to look into the issue for you.


I am dividing these into what a user will see/experience and that which may be broken but will be user invisible.


  1. Missing images. There are just a few and they are the most recent created before the "images vanished" disaster. I don't believe they ever got saved and, therefore, are not recoverable.


  1. SQL errors when googglebot is playing spider. (Apparently indexing pages that existed long ago but were removed when calendars were removed.)